January 18, 2024
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Which Of Our Review Management Solutions Is Right For Your Agency Or Brand?

Proactive management of customer reviews is vital to the health and success of your business. Research shows that consumers are more likely to trust, select, and return to businesses that earn high ratings and engage with reviewers online.

To manage their reviews successfully and get the maximum ROI, businesses need to break this task down into specific, manageable components, such as (1) asking customers for feedback, (2) monitoring reviews on platforms like Yelp, and (3) providing reviewers with timely responses.

Shout About Us offers a wide range of services targeting every step of the review management process, empowering your organization with the tools it needs — and no clutter it doesn’t. This guide to our review management solutions will help you identify which service or services are best aligned with your organization’s needs.

Review Monitoring and Tracking Service

If you aren’t tracking or watching the ratings and reviews your business receives, it severely limits your ability to learn what your customers are saying; identify unmet needs that your business could profit by filling; or, reap any of the numerous benefits that come from responding to reviews, including the SEO benefits. For all of these reasons, monitoring your reviews is the first and most fundamental step to managing your online reputation successfully.

Our Google review software's centralized dashboard streamlines the review tracking process, making it faster and easier to monitor customer feedback across hundreds or thousands of locations. Our platform also provides custom review widgets and social posting features, allowing you to embed all of your reviews directly to your website and/or social media profiles so that you can showcase your brand and its biggest wins.

24-Hour Custom Review Reply Service (Response Scribe)

Review tracking is an important first step — but to optimize your strategy and reap the greatest benefits for your business, it’s essential to go a step further by responding to each reviewer, including users who rate your business without leaving a written review.

Our flagship service, Response Scribe, helps you stand out against competitors with custom-written, on-brand replies to all of your ratings and reviews across over 75 platforms. You have the flexibility to be as hands-off or involved as you prefer thanks to escalated alerts that allow you to edit, revise, or approve suggested responses directly from your email or mobile device. Plus, you’ll receive automated reports that provide you with actionable insights into your customer feedback so that you can build a more successful business.

Automated Review Generation and Customer Feedback Survey Tools

Responding to reviews is an integral part of owning and operating a successful business in 2023 — but for many businesses, the harder challenge is getting reviewed in the first place. If you’re having trouble getting your business rated and reviewed on platforms like Yelp and Google, our review generation service can help get (and keep) the ball rolling.

With our review collection service, it’s effortless to create and send automated text and email requests. You can also launch an in-store campaign using kiosks, QR codes, and more. Integrating with your CRM or POS ensures that personalized review requests are sent out automatically, letting you collect feedback on more than 75 supported sites.

Read tips on how to get more reviews, the ideal star rating to aim for, and why you should never pay for positive ratings.

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Yelp, Facebook, and Google Review Removal Service

Getting your business reviewed is one matter — but what if you have the opposite problem, and need help having reviews taken down? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Data shows that over 40% of consumers won’t consider businesses unless they’re rated at least four stars. Our review removal service is designed to help you protect your reputation, accelerate the review removal process where warranted, and ensure that all reviews of your business are genuine.

If our team identifies reviews that are false, misleading, or otherwise violate the Terms of Service on platforms like Yelp, we’ll handle the process of having them taken down. That way, you and your team can focus on doing your jobs — not chasing after spam-filled and malicious reviews from bots, competitors, or former employees.

It’s important to understand when reviews can and can’t be removed. Learn about censorship of negative reviews, or find out why incentivizing good reviews is a bad idea.

Business Listings Management

Accurate, up-to-date business listings help ensure that the greatest possible number of people can find online information about your store or brand. When listings are outdated, miscategorized, contain typos, or have other errors, your business can suffer as a consequence.

Increase your lead volume, your web traffic, and your local ranking with our business listings management service, which ensures that your business has consistent listings across more than 125 directories. You’ll also receive key insights into all of your locations’ online performance, with customizable reports delivered straight to your inbox. With improved local search visibility, you’ll be positioned to convert prospective customers into lifelong fans and supporters of your brand.

The takeaway? If you’re interested in finding a cost-efficient way to simultaneously provide better service, reach more people, rank higher locally, and grow your bottom line, consider your current review management strategy — and gaps where it could be tightened or improved. Our services are designed to help fill those gaps and empower your agency to support its clients and partners with greater success.

Package and A-La-Carte Review Management Solutions for Agencies, Franchises, and Brands

Whether you’re looking to make a comprehensive, head-to-toe overhaul of your current review management campaign, or you want to target a specific pain point like not getting enough reviews, our mix-and-match services give you the flexibility to design a custom, scalable solution that is tailored to your organization’s needs. From review generation and removal, to our 24-hour review response service, to review monitoring and listings management, our powerful platform is your all-in-one hub for secure and efficient online reputation management.

Discover why thousands of brands trust Shout About Us to provide review management support. Ask for a demo of our features and services, or chat with our team about how we can best meet your needs.

Emily Homrok

Emily Homrok is a freelance copywriter with more than seven years of writing experience. She joined the Shout About Us team as a content strategist in 2020.


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