February 1, 2024
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Stay Ahead Of These 3 Consumer Trends For 2024 With An Updated Review Response Strategy 

With 2023 drawing to a close and inflation continuing to rise, economists expect spending to slow. As another year begins and the cost of living increases, many businesses are facing tough economic challenges, from unfilled job positions and reduced levels of investment to supply chain disruptions and increasingly complex cyber-threats. At the same time, new technology like generative AI promises to save on time and labor, offering the potential for businesses to tackle bigger goals and reach new heights.

With consumers under intense economic pressure, businesses must take every step possible to maximize their brand visibility, retain their existing customers, attract and appeal to new audiences, and convert prospects successfully. That means staying ahead of trends in consumer expectations and knowing how to communicate productively with shoppers online.

As we’ll explore in this article, you can use your review response strategy to connect with consumers by delivering what they value most — and help grow your business in the process. Let’s look at four ways you can optimize your review response strategy to appeal to consumers in 2024 and maximize the growth of your business.

How to optimize your review 
response strategy to meet consumer expectations in 2024

We combed through sources like LinkedIn, Business Insider, Salesforce, Forbes, and McKinsey & Company looking for expert opinions and predictions about what consumers want and what businesses should prioritize in 2024. Here were three of the biggest takeaways:

  1. Hyper-personalization
  2. Convenience
  3. Empathy and responsiveness


As businesses collect growing volumes of data, they’re able to deliver increasingly customized  experiences to consumers. From personalized advertisements and product recommendations to emails and landing pages, your customers expect to see content that’s tailored to their unique needs, interests, and pain points.

With the demand for personalization so great, it benefits your business to ensure that each customer receives tailored, highly relevant content. Every time you respond to a review, you have an opportunity to provide customers with a personalized experience that deepens their connection to your brand. Here are a few examples of ways you can easily personalize your responses to reviews of your business:

  1. Greet the reviewer by name
  2. Change the wording you use in each response, like “great” vs. “wonderful”
  3. Reference specific details from the customers review
  4. Reference the name and/or location of your business
  5. Reference the specific product or service the customer reviewed


In 2024, convenience will be one of the top factors that determines whether consumers adopt — and continue using — a product or service. As LinkedIn points out, “Services like ultra-fast delivery, intuitive mobile apps, and hassle-free returns are becoming standard. Amazon’s continued dominance in this area is a clear indicator that businesses need to keep pushing the boundaries of convenience to meet customer expectations.”

LinkedIn also reports that an “easy digital experience” is a factor behind 30% of purchases — but that doesn’t end at checkout. On the contrary, every aspect of the customer’s experience needs to be friction-free, including the interactions they have with your business online. After all, what could be less convenient than waiting for days (or weeks) to receive a response after posting a complaint or issue to a review site?

Make dealing with your business convenient for your customers by replying to their reviews quickly and thoroughly. Respond as soon as possible, and be sure to include contact information directly in your response so that the customer doesn’t have to search for it on your app or website.

Empathy and responsiveness

According to research by Qualtrics, “63% of consumers said companies need to get better at listening to their feedback,” “62% of consumers said that businesses need to care more about them,” and finally, “60% of consumers would buy more if businesses treated them better.”

Meanwhile, according to LinkedIn, “Consumers are still on the fence about AI – driven by a primary concern that it will replace a human to connect with.”

Translation: customers want to feel valued, seen, heard, and perhaps most importantly, understood. The better you’re able to provide that experience, the more brand loyalty you’ll be able to instill.

Replying to customers’ reviews is the perfect place to start. Responding not only shows that you’re listening to customer feedback, but goes a step further by actually providing the customer with actual solutions. Simply following up and inviting a reviewer to reach out to you can make the difference between retaining or losing the customer, translating to potentially massive differences in customer lifetime value (CLTV).

The bottom line is that to stay afloat and thrive in a challenging economy, you need to give your business every competitive advantage possible. That means adjusting your review response strategy to ensure that it’s meeting consumers’ expectations, reflecting positively on your brand, and attracting new customers to your business. Ensure that you respond to all messages, strive to reply as quickly as possible, and deliver relevant, helpful information in a way that empathizes with the reviewer.

Not sure how to start writing? Check out our tips for responding to negative reviews or responding to positive reviews to help you get started.

There’s a faster, easier way to monitor and respond to reviews

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Emily Homrok

Emily Homrok is a freelance copywriter with more than seven years of writing experience. She joined the Shout About Us team as a content strategist in 2020.


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